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Defiled Young Housewife- Part 3

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Defiled Young Housewife- Part 3"Who you all dolled-up for today, baby?" Reggie asked with a sickening smile that revealed his gladness over catching her. The blue dress Christy wore hugged her delicious curves and reached a few inches above her knees, showing off her slender legs. Light makeup further accented her already gorgeous blue eyes and pouty lips. Her soft blond hair flowed past her shoulders like rays of sunshine. She was enticing and Reggie couldn't resist her. This was the perverted monster that had m*****ed and ****d her multiple times. Christy looked up at him with disgust and answered coldly. "I have a job interview. I told you before to stop calling me baby. I'm not your baby. I would appreciate it if you put on some clothes."With the swiftness of a viper's bite, his hand grabbed her by the nape."Ow, get your filthy hand off me!"His dark eyes angrily peered into hers. "Who's gonna stop me? Dave's not here to help you, is he?" "No, he went to work. Let me go!""Well then it's time for you to make nice with your boyfriend. We get to play while he's gone. I thought you and me had an understanding about this, but you not cooperating like you suppose to. You forget about our little arrangement, baby? You staying home with me when Dave goes to work. Remember the list of your family and friends? My homeboys are ready to visit each of them, including that pathetic husband of yours. The warehouse Dave works at is right in the middle of the hood ? a convenient spot for my niggers to do a stabbing or shooting."No, she couldn't let Reggie do those perverted things to her again, but she couldn't let him hurt her family either. The reality of her situation became horrifyingly evident. The two previous times he had ****d her weren't going to be isolated instances. He wanted her to be his captive in her own home so he could fuck her every day.Tightly gripping the back of her neck, he began guiding her over to the kitchen table, her legs stubbornly moving in the direction he wanted, her hands instinctively reaching up and wrapping themselves around his wrist."No, Reggie. You're not doing that to me again. I have a job interview I need to go to. Stop it."He bent her over the kitchen table, the right cheek of her face pressed against its cool wooden surface, her open palms pushing against it but unable to lift herself off it as he held her down. She felt his other hand reaching up her dress and begin rubbing her pussy through her thong. "I can do whatever I want to you, baby, and you gonna let me do it." "No! Don't touch me. I mean it. Stop it, Reggie!"His finger easily circumvented the thin strip of fabric comprising her thong and slipped into her warm slit. She hated him and what he was doing to her, but her pussy began moistening for him and it embarrassed her. "That's a good girl. Get nice and wet for me, Christy, and show me how much you really want me," he commented, slowly sawing his thick digit in and out of her tight, wet opening and further humiliating her. She did not want him, and she never would want him? but he was making her wet.His finger, coated with her silky secretions, began attending to her clitoris.Christy's eyes opened wide when she felt him touching her there. "No, don't do this to me. Stop touching me there... don't.""Oh, yes, baby. Right there. Uh-huh, we both know how much you like having your special spot rubbed. Does it feel good yet?""No, stop it. I don't like it. Please." "Sure, you don't, baby. But I'm touching it anyway. Oh, yeah, that starting to feel good, isn't it?"Contrary to her claims, her clit revealed the pleasure it felt by firming beneath his finger, and he continued manipulating it as he soothingly spoke."Shh, it's okay, Christy. You going to let me touch it for a little while, baby. Your family and friends need you to protect them. You either cooperating or someone's gonna get hurt real bad, maybe even die. Remember who I am? If you piss me off something unfortunate will happen to someone you care about.""Oh god, no. Stop it...don't."Her struggling began to subside. "That's it. Calm down, and let me play with it, baby. It won't be bad. See how good it starting to feel?""Oh...oh...oh...ah, stop touching me there. Ooh...no."He reached into the waistband of her thong and began slowly sliding it down her legs while masturbating her."No... please...don't," she cried. The young, confident woman on her way to a promising job interview moments ago had turned into a sniveling schoolgirl. "You can't do this to me again. I won't let you.""Yes, I can do this to you, Christy, and you gonna let me because you don't have a choice. You my girlfriend now, baby, and you already done nasty things with me. Remember what we did yesterday? This be all your fault because you too beautiful to resist; you keep making me hard.""I didn't do anything to you. I'm not your girlfriend. Stop it."He lifted her dress up, revealing her firm, prize-winning ass covered with the faint bruises he put on it by spanking her yesterday. He kicked her legs apart; her thong, which he had left around her lower thighs, became taut. Christy heard a loud crack before the sting registered in her brain. He was slapping her butt again. "Don't talk back to me. If I say you my girlfriend, you best agree with me," Reggie growled while disciplining her. "Now say it to me."Her ass was already tender from the spanking he gave her the day before. "Ow, ow, ow, stop hitting me! Okay, please...I'm your girlfriend." "Say it again!" Another smack... "I'm your girlfriend." "Again!" Another smack... "I'm your girlfriend damn it! I'm your girlfriend! I'm your girlfriend!"When Christy's spanking finally ended, her ass glowed red and radiated warmth. He soothingly ran his hand up and down each of her firm, young butt cheeks and squeezed them.Bent over the kitchen table she sobbed, her bare ass red and sticking out for him. Reggie took advantage of this opportunity, pulled down his boxers and aimed himself at his weary target.The head of his penis nudged her moist labia. Christy raised herself up on her elbows and tried to turn around, but he held her hips firmly. "No, please wait..." He thrusted, her labia separating for the head of his penis and granting it entry. It was too late for her delay tactics. He was already inside her. "Don't...oh... oh... please no... ah...oh..." She collapsed on the table, air evacuating her lungs as his enormous penis slowly advanced all the way into her, until its head practically reached her cervix and his scrotum made contact with her clitoris. The walls of her vagina began convulsing uncontrollably. She reached forward, her fingers clutching the edge of the table in front of her and her knuckles turning white.His strong hands continued holding her hips as he reversed course, unhurriedly pulling almost completely out, until just the bulbous head of his cock remained, her pink labia tightly stretched around it like the lips of a mouth sucking on a large lollipop. He paused a moment, letting the reality of what was happening to her sink in and the anticipation build, before embarking on his return journey to the furthest possible depth inside her, and repeating this process with a steady, predictable rhythm."Ah, ah, oh, you can't do this to me. Stop it," she moaned, instinctively repositioning herself to ease his entry and better accept him. He had already demonstrated to her that he could do whatever he wanted with apparent impunity. Her young, white pussy was like a taste of paradise to his penis. He looked down at the wet sheen coating his dark brown cock. "Ah, baby, you so silky and tight and feel so good. You know I can't stop now. Don't it feel good having me all the way inside you again?" "Ah, ah, no. Oh, ooh, ooh... it doesn't feel good. Stop doing this to me. I hate it and I hate you."His hands moved from her hips to her butt cheeks and spread them wide apart. Her pink asshole winked at him as he gently ran his thumb up and down across it. "Awe, I see you also like me touching your asshole. You sensitive here too, baby? Dave ever massage your asshole? I be discovering all sorts of intimate things about you." "No, he's not filthy like you. Oh...you're a sick, disgusting pervert. Ah, oh...stop it now. This is wrong. I won't tell anyone. Pull out and stop rubbing me there. Oh... please, I have to go to a job interview."Reggie continued massaging her sensitive anus with his thumb while fucking her, causing it and the muscles in her vagina to contract in response and making her pussy squeeze his cock. "But you my girlfriend and I know you don't want to leave me with this painful hardon you caused, do you baby? That will make me frustrated and I might have to do bad things to people you care about, like your poor old Grandpa Bill. I love you and I don't want to do something like that.""Oh, god... no. Don't hurt grandpa. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you hard. Don't hurt anyone. I'm doing what you want.""Maybe if you nicer to me, let me love you more and keep me satisfied, I'll change, baby." She didn't want to be nicer to him or let him love her in the disgusting way that he expressed it, doing these perverse things to her, but she couldn't risk his possible reaction if she denied him. "Ah, oh, oh, ah. Okay, Reggie."The sex act continued, Christy's body becoming more comfortable with his size, his reliable cadence, and beginning to anticipate his thrusts. His penis was like a giant piston moving inside a snug, well-lubricated cylinder. Preoccupied by all this, she didn't notice him carefully unzipping the back of her dress. He unexpectedly withdrew from her. Was he done? He kneeled and began sliding her thong the rest of the way down her legs.Lifting herself on to her elbows, her back arched as she craned her head to see him. "No... what are you doing?" she stupidly asked, her dress unexpectedly falling from her shoulders."Getting you into better position," he replied, lifting her foot while removing her thong from around her stiletto. He proceeded to her dress and taking it the rest of the way off, letting it puddle around her ankles."No, my dress. Don't mess it up. I need to wear it to my interview. Please, Reggie, stop now." Her words seemed weak, ineffective, almost comical, but she didn't know what else to say to make him stop."Your dress will be okay. Don't worry about your job interview. You can go after we done."He unhooked her sexy bra, her perky tits and bruised nipples exposed for him."Please, no. Why are you doing this to me?" Christy sobbed. She was almost completely naked save for the stockings on her legs, the high heels on her feet, and the thong remaining around her right ankle."Turn around and bend over again, baby." His hand landed between her shoulder blades and pushed, returning her against the wooden surface. She was bent over with her round ass sticking out for him once more. He took hold of her left knee and gently ushered it up and on to the table. She felt him re-entering her and moaned. "Ah, oh...please... don't make me do this, Reggie. I'm not your girlfriend; I'm Dave's wife. What you're doing is sick and wrong. Oh...oh...ah...no don't. This can't be happening. Ah, oh, you're going so deep again?all the way inside me. Stop it. Don't, oh...oh...ah...no."Regardless of how sick and wrong it was, Christy began appreciating his generous circumference and depth. Fully inside her, he reached under her chest and lifted her off the table and into a standing position in front of him, his one hand cupping her breast, the other sliding down her firm stomach and beginning to play with her clit as he held her against his muscular body."No, don't touch me there. Oh, oh...please...ah...stop it."He didn't stop. His fingers finessed her engorged clit. He kissed her neck and whispered into her ear: "You need to cum on my big black cock and show me again how much you love me, baby?like you did the last couple times we been together."Christy shook her head refusing to do that for him. She would never love him, and she wasn't going to allow herself to be humiliated like last time. But then something else she wasn't expecting occurred. His finger expertly retracted the protective hood on her clitoris and gently played with her exposed glans. "Oh, oh? what are you doing? Don't do that...oh, you're touching me. Ah...ah...you can't. No...oh, oh...ooh, ah, don't, Reggie," she murmured. "It's wrong. I love Dave. I can't do this to him. I don't want to cum for you. Stop making me do this. Oh, oh, ooh, ah."Her hands reached down and warmly held his wrist as he worked her sensitive nub. Her eyes grew dreamy, her head tilted back on his shoulder, she bit her lower lip, and her pussy began to throb on his cock."Is that starting to feel good? That's it. See how nice that feel now, baby?"Her hips autonomously undulated. "Ah, oh, ooh, no...you can't make me do this," she moaned, grinding her pussy on his huge dick as he held her in his arms and exploited the weakness of her receptive clitoris. "I love you, baby. You want to love me back and cum on my cock? Keep working your pussy like that," he whispered in her ear. "That-a-girl. Oh, yeah, that's it. Get into it, baby. See how nice we being to each other now and how good it feels? We BFFs like I said we would be."Christy's pelvis continued replying with graceful coital motions, her pussy ridding his cock, and nothing more needed to be said, their bodies expressing something crude, but true to one another. Reggie abruptly pulled out of her, leaving Christy confused. After trying desperately to resist him, she was in the middle of an intense orgasm that he had forced on her. She felt like the floor had been removed from beneath her feet. He turned her around facing him, grabbed hold of her hips with his strong hands, and lifted her up. She didn't have time to think about her reaction. Christy instinctively wrapped her arms and legs around him for support. He set her down on top of the table with her legs dangling from its edge. She fell back on her elbows, their eyes meeting for a moment and speaking to each other without words. He lifted up her knees and spread them wide apart. He continued staring into her eyes. "Put my cock back in your pussy, baby," he instructed. Christy and Reggie looked down simultaneously. She hesitated a moment. His towering penis looked so hard and leaned from his body. "We was being so nice to each other just a moment ago, baby. Best friends and all that. It'd be a shame if something bad had to happen to Grandpa Bill or Grandma Emily," he reminded her. She was betraying Dave, but the consequences of disobeying Reggie would be horrific and tragic. She reached down and silently took his enormous cock in her hand. It was slippery from her pussy and warm. Before reinserting him into her vagina, some primitive instinct she didn't understand caused her to gently tug on his erection a few times, perhaps to ensure he remained hard and completed the reproductive act they had started. It was done u*********sly, and Christy would never comprehend why she did it."Oh, that feel real nice, baby. Now put me inside you."Christy guided his huge, hard cock into her wet pussy."Oh, yeah, that feel so good. You so wet and silky, baby," he exclaimed going all the way into her and completely filling her birth canal once more."Oh," she moaned, fulfilling her role as his female partner that nature dictated and taking in all his hardness.His palm landed on her bald mons while his thumb resumed stroking her clitoris. She glanced down and dumbly watched him doing this to her without objecting. She wasn't thinking about Dave, her family, or even Reggie's terrible behavior and how much she hated him anymore, only the tidal waves of ecstasy quickly rebuilding in her body...Reggie's self-control was impressive, and it brought Christy to the edge of her sanity multiple times? one climax following another, following another. Little room remained in her mind for other concerns, like the consequences of unprotected sex, her infidelity to Dave, or that a criminal she hated was inside her. An hour had passed, and Reggie still didn't orgasm. He seemed to get off on making her cum instead, as if he was accumulating a credit card balance of guilt in Christy that she would need to repay with interest once the sex ended and she faced her husband. Reggie's objective was to leave her in marital bankruptcy. Then Christy would be all his. Reggie's self-control finally reached its limit. He couldn't hold off forever, especially with Christy's tight, silky cunny clenching his cock. Christy recognized the signs Reggie displayed?his faster and harder thrusts, his heavier breathing. Her hands grasping his biceps felt his muscles flex with greater intensity. Her relationship with him was non-consensual, nevertheless they were becoming familiar to one another as sexual partners and were able to read each other with increasing clarity. "Oh, ah, ah, pull out, Reggie... before you cum this time." Christy didn't realize the precum leaking from Reggie's penis the entire time contained sperm that accumulated in her vaginal fluids. His genetic material?along with potent hormones he produced that heightened sexual responsiveness in his partners?was already swimming in her pussy."You feel so good. I gotta cum in you, baby.""Oh... ah...no, Reggie, don't. You can't cum in me. It's wrong. All of this is wrong and I shouldn't be doing it with you. Ah...oh...you need to stop and take it out now.""Oh, baby, just a little longer.""No, Reggie, stop. You came in me last time.""It feels good and I want to stay in you, baby.""Oh...god, Reggie...oh...ah. You don't belong in me. I'm married to Dave. You can't do this to me. Oh...oh...oh. You can't cum in me. I'm his wife, not yours."Reggie wanted her to fully accept him, and that meant she needed to receive his semen the way nature intended. She may have been Dave's wife, but Reggie was going to cum in her pussy. Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I can't stop now. I need to cum in you.""No, don't...Pull out now. Oh, god...not again. Oh, oh, oh, ah, ooh."Her pussy began clenching his cock and her fingers dug into his biceps. She felt his warm seed spreading inside her womb, filling her. "Oh baby, you feel so good."Christy's hips replied to his, greeting his thrusts by grinding into him. "Ah... oh... oh... ah...ah...ooh...ooh.""I love you. You wan't me to pull out now?""Oh...ah...ah, oh? yes, please pull out," she moaned. But it was already too late. He had cum inside her again and flooded her with his semen.She was having an intense orgasm, her vaginal muscles contracting tightly around his penis as he hesitantly withdrew. She remained open and vulnerable as he stood between her spread legs. His erection persisting, he began massaging her clitoris with the head of his penis, her pelvis involuntarily undulating in response. "Oh, what are you doing to me? Stop it." "I'm helping us finish, baby." He took her hand in his and made her stroke his penis and take over the clit massage he had begun giving her."Oh...oh...oh. No, don't make me do this. It's wrong," she protested, his cock still ejaculating on her as he forced her to pleasure herself with it. It was so perverted and disgusting, but it felt good, which made no sense. This was a heinous act he was performing on her. How could it possibly feel so nice? His cock pulsated in her grip, leaving streams of his warm semen on her stomach and tits. The amount Reggie ejaculated wasn't humanly possible, yet he did it. "Ah, baby, keep doing that. I love you."Christy didn't reply. Reggie had no concept of love. His cock was still releasing globs of semen as she rubbed it on her clitoris. She coddled his hard penis against herself to satisfy him, but she would never love him. She just wanted the horrible crime he was committing on her to be over soon. He was rich and powerful d**g dealer, a violent criminal, and worse of all, a perverted sexual predator that preyed upon her. He was everything she abhorred.Christy released Reggie's flaccid cock and closed her legs when he finished. His cum was all over her body, and when she sat up, she noticed his semen had leaked from her pussy and formed a small puddle on the kitchen table. It didn't seem possible for a human male to release this much sperm. Reggie bent down, picked her dress up off the floor and offered it to her with a smile. "Now you can go to your job interview, baby."Christy looked at the time displayed on the microwave oven and her heart sank further. "It's too late. I missed it," she replied to him despairingly."Oh, that's too bad, baby. But now we can spend more time together, get to know each other even better, and you can give me head."She looked up at him with disgust, realizing she wouldn't have a choice. Reggie helped Christy off the table, guided her on to her knees, and in the middle of her kitchen she performed oral sex on him. Her technique was improving...***********Christy feared telling anyone about Reggie, including Dave. Reggie kept threatening to hurt her family if she didn't keep his secret and cooperate with him. When she tried refusing his advances, he reminded her that a word to his homeboys was all it would take. Something as quick and easy as a text message from him could jeopardize everyone she loved."Hi Honey," she greeted Dave, pretending to be his happy wife as he walked into the living room and pecked her cheek. "How was your day?" "Hey, homeboy," Reggie added with a grin. For weeks he had been secretly boning Christy when Dave went to work. Forced sex with Reggie was extracting its toll on Christy, but she managed to conceal her anguish to protect her family, and Dave paid little attention to the subtle change in his wife. "Fine," Dave answered heading toward the refrigerator to grab a cold beer after working all day in that hot warehouse.Christy couldn't believe her husband's blindness. How could Dave not see Reggie lustfully staring at her all the time, undressing her with his deep black eyes? Dave had no inkling of her terrible situation, who Reggie was or what Reggie was doing to her. Reggie's cum was inside her!Christy couldn't stop Reggie. When Dave went to work Reggie called her his girlfriend and kept pushing boundaries, their interactions lasting longer, becoming more frequent and intimate. Dave never saw the expensive panties and bras Reggie started giving to her. She kept these inappropriate presents hidden. She didn't want Reggie's gifts. She hated him and wished he would leave her alone and go away.A multitude of emotions flowed through Christy's mind ? anger, embarrassment, guilt and shame. But Dave was oblivious to it all. He wandered off into the garage, leaving her alone in the living room with this dreadful criminal sitting near her. She didn't want to be anywhere close to Reggie. She needed to get far away from him after the disgraceful things they did together just a short while ago before Dave came home. Reggie was like an invasive species displacing the intimacy she once shared with Dave. She abandoned the sofa and headed to her bedroom. "Where you going, Christy?" Reggie called after her."To bed," she bitterly answered without turning around to look at him.Christy went to take a shower and prepare for bed. She locked the bathroom door to make sure Dave wouldn't come in while she was naked and see the fading bruises Reggie had left on her body. Like dissipating storm clouds, the discolorations were almost gone ? incriminating evidence that still hinted at what Reggie was doing to her. After the first few times, Christy had learned to acquiesce for Reggie's advances, and he stopped using physical methods of persuasion, allowing her bruises to heal.While bathing, she carefully cleaned her sore vagina. Today she had been with Reggie for hours. His cock had been in both her mouth and in her pussy flaunting his dominion over her. She wished she had a douche handy to completely flush all of him out of her body. She finished bathing and dressed. Dave was sitting on their bed waiting for her when she exited the bathroom, his eyebrows scrunched together, and a stern look on his face. "Honey, I need to ask you something," he started. Christy's heart began pounding and blood rushed to her head. Did Dave suspect something?"Why are you treating Reggie so badly? You act like an entirely different person around him and hardly speak when he's near. He just asked me if there's something bothering you." How could Reggie ask Dave that after the perverse things he was doing to her in secret? Christy looked down as if in heavy thought. "I don't know. I just don't like him, Dave. He makes me feel uncomfortable."Suddenly there was alarm in Dave's voice. "Why? Has he done something to you? Did he try making a pass at you?" Christy looked up as if she had been stung. She hesitated for a second. Dave's question didn't even come half-way to the truth, but it was on the right path and she had to get him off it. He could never know the truth. "No, he hasn't done anything to me, Dave. He just gives me the creeps.""I don't understand, Christy. Ever since we first met him, you've been negative about this whole arrangement. Reggie saved us from losing this house and he's even been giving me extra money to help cover other expenses. He's really a likable guy once you get to know him. He's going to be with us for at least a year, so will you please try to be a little friendlier and treat him better?"'At least a year' rang in Christy's ears like a fire alarm. Had Reggie put the idea in Dave's ear of staying longer like he had threatened? Dave had no idea what type of guy Reggie really was and what he had been doing to her. Dave was asking her to be nice to the sick pervert who was m*****ing and r****g her, and Christy had no choice but to agree to Dave's innocent request. "Okay, I'll try to be nicer to him, Dave." Dave stood, put his arms around her, and began kissing her neck. "I'm the luckiest man in the world to have a wife like you. I love you, Christy."Christy couldn't let Dave continue. If things went too far, he might see the faint remnants of old bruises Reggie had left on her. She had no appetite left for physical intimacy anyway after spending time with Reggie today. It was like he had taken every orgasm in her body and left her completely drained of desire for her husband."I love you too, Dave. I'm sorry, but I don't feel well tonight and I'm tired," Christy replied, untangling herself from his embrace. Since Reggie began m*****ing her, she had been giving Dave excuses, but Dave didn't seem to notice. She turned off the light sitting on her nightstand, entered bed wearing her pajamas and tried to sleep until she heard Dave leave the room.In the darkness, thoughts of Reggie's big, black cock made slumber for Christy nearly impossible. The things Reggie had been doing to her penetrated the core of her femininity. Now perverted images of the sex they had together haunted her, like shocking highlights from pornographic videos she had been forced to watch and couldn't get out of her mind. If only they were just videos she was remembering. She had actually experienced those obscene things with the criminal who lived in her house.At least it was Friday. With Dave home for the weekend, Reggie would leave her alone and likely spend the next couple of days away, tending to his i*****l d**g business she assumed. The welcome break from him would give her time to recuperate.**************The weekend had brought Christy a temporary reprieve from Reggie, but Monday morning arrived much too soon, like the alarm on a clock that prematurely interrupts a deep, desperately needed slumber. Christy awoke as Dave prepared for work. She rose from a sea of sheets covering their bed ready to finally try having sex with her husband again. "Honey, why don't you call in sick today and stay with me?"They had not made love since that day when Reggie barged into the bathroom and first assaulted her. As a married couple, Christy and Dave had never gone this long without each other. Christy wanted intimacy with her husband. In a peculiar way she felt like it would help repair the secret damage done to their marriage. Dave remained completely unaware of what she was doing with Reggie to protect her family.The bruises Reggie had given her were finally gone and she wasn't wearing pajamas this morning to conceal them, only her panties. She looked perfect and Dave desired her, but the timing was all wrong. He couldn't be late for work. "I can't call in sick today, Christy. Leroy asked me Friday to work overtime today, and I'm going to be home late tonight, after 8:00 P.M." "You didn't say anything about working overtime today. That's too long, Dave." Her voice contained a hint of fear that he misinterpreted as annoyance.A perplexed look momentarily crossed his face as he stared at her. She never complained about him working overtime before, usually welcoming the extra money. He thought he remembered mentioning the extra hours to her, but perhaps it was Reggie he had told while they were drinking beer together Friday night, after Christy had gone to bed early. "I'm sorry. I thought I did," he answered.Dave continued getting dressed, ignorant of his wife's panic. A silent façade concealed her internal turmoil that felt like a violent storm raging within her tight chest. No escape was possible, yet she successfully hid her dismay.She couldn't be alone with Reggie all day while Dave worked overtime. Even with Reggie's threats dangling over her head like a guillotine about to drop, she didn't want to repeat last week and the things he had made her do with him. She sat up in the bed, Dave kissing her cheek and heading off to work.Christy hopped out of bed wearing the sexy bikini briefs she had tried enticing her husband with and put on the matching bra. She rummaged her dresser drawers searching for something else to quickly throw on. It was a race to get out of the house before Reggie woke. Unfortunately, Reggie had risen earlier in the morning and already waited for his opportunity to be alone with Christy. Dave had kindly mentioned to him last Friday night, while they drank a few beers together, that he would be working overtime today. Reggie heard the front door close, Dave's car rumble to life and pull out of the driveway. It had been a long weekend without Christy, and with an urgent erection that demanded immediate attention, Reggie looked forward to spending extra time with her.Christy grabbed a pair of olive colored Capris pants and a beige blouse. But before she put them on, Reggie entered her room shirtless, tremendous muscles in his chest, arms and stomach bulging beneath his dark skin as if sculpted in stone. His baggy, black gym shorts poorly concealed the huge protrusion caused by his gigantic cock. "You gonna go somewhere, baby?"Christy's voice contained a mixture of annoyance and fear ? but predominantly fear. She knew why he was in her bedroom and what he wanted. Reggie visited her bedroom most mornings after Dave left. "I need to look for work. I would appreciate it if you didn't come in my room anymore." The only work she would be doing would be on her back for him, Reggie amusingly thought. He smirked while advancing closer to Christy. "I'll come in your room anytime I want, and you ain't doing nothing about it. You forget about our little arrangement? You not going anywhere today. You staying with me. You my girlfriend and you best be good to me, baby, remember? Or else bad things will happen to Dave and your nice family."Reggie's massive stature dwarfed her petite frame as she stared up at him. She backed away, aware of his intentions, until her firm, round ass bumped into the dresser and she couldn't retreat further. "Please get away from me.""What's the matter, baby? Don't you want some more loving from your black boyfriend today? I know you missed having my big black dick inside that tight little pussy over the weekend."She wasn't his 'baby' or his girlfriend. She hated having sex with him. But he was a high-ranking d**g dealer, a violent gangster responsible for numerous murders. He had threatened her family. If she refused to cooperate with him, if anyone found out anything about him, if anything at all happened to him, his homeboys had their instructions. No one could know the secret, especially Dave.Christy shook her head. "No, please leave me alone! I don't want to do that with you again."Reggie pulled down his shorts and guided Christy's hand to his colossal cock. "We done this before and you know what I like, baby. It's not that bad. I'm gonna treat you real nice and love you some more today. All you gotta do is cooperate. You don't want anything to happen to your family, do you?"He had broken her. Christy shook her head, wrapped her fingers gently around his erect penis and began jerking on it, tears pouring from her eyes like a rapid drip from a leaky faucet. He might get rough and leave more marks that she would need to hide again. She didn't want to keep doing this with him and didn't want his affection. But she didn't want anything bad to happen to Dave or her family either. Why couldn't Reggie just go away and leave her alone?"I like them panties and bra you got on. You look real sexy in them. You wear them for me, baby?" "No, I wore them for Dave," she cried."Ah, that too bad. Looks like Dave went off to work and left you all alone for me again, huh? He don't appreciate you like I do, baby. You know I love you." Reggie's arm reached around her shoulders and drew her against him. "That's a good girl. You learning how to do that nicely. You like how big my cock is? Oh, yeah, that feels really good, baby."Christy held his huge black penis in her hand, but she despised what he forced her to do with him. She stood facing Reggie in her sexy bikini briefs and bra, his arm around her, their bodies touching, her fair white skin as beautiful against his dark complexion as the moon in the night sky. Reggie was hard and muscular without a soft spot on his body. His abnormally large cock had an almost hypnotic effect on her. Although now familiar with it, she still couldn't help studying the monstrous phallus that she stroked. It was heavy and firm, felt smooth and warm and reached all the way up Reggie's flat, washboard stomach. Pre-cum began oozing from the slit at its tip, which she used as lubricant, twirling her thumb over his sensitive glans."Oh, that feel real nice, baby. I like how you touching it. You know I love you, right?"She nodded her head. A few twitches confirmed the pleasure his penis was receiving as it pulsated in her hand. It was like Christy was entering a trance. Reggie kept telling her that he loved her while forcing her to do these sexually intimate things with him and betray her husband. Reggie noticed further improvement in Christy's technique ? the tempo of her gentle tugs increasing, her caresses imitating true affection. During their times together, she had learned what he liked. She fondled his penis with seductive tenderness. "Oh, yeah, that's it. You starting to like big black cock, huh baby?" She briefly remembered that she despised Reggie, hated doing this with him. He was a sick bastard and Christy wished his prick would fall off."Oh, I gonna cum real soon, baby. Keep doing that." But Reggie actually wasn't going to let himself orgasm for her. He was merely allowing Christy to get his cock ready to fuck her, like a fluffer on the set of a porn production. The hand job Christy was giving Reggie grew to a demeaning level. Someone unfamiliar with her situation might view her behavior as consensual. She stroked his shaft, traced her thumb around his glans, delicately rolled his heavy balls in her fingers. He had made her do these things to him multiple times before while Dave was at work. Her intimacy with Reggie had lost most of the awkwardness experienced by new sexual partners. Reggie watched the wedding band on Christy's finger sparkle as she caressed his large penis. He reached around her back and unfastened her bra. It began sliding from her tits.With her other arm, she caught her falling bra before it came completely off. "No, Reggie ? please, not today. Just let me jerk you off this time.""Let it go, baby. I wanna suck on your beautiful tits and you gonna let me. You don't wanna get me mad. I waited all weekend for you."Christy reluctantly put her arm down and allowed her bra to fall the rest of the way off, revealing her light pink, quarter-sized areolae. The bruises he had previously left on her were gone. Perfection had returned to her skin like that in a flawless painting.Reggie put his lips to her nipple and began sucking and nibbling on the sensitive flesh, causing it to harden. He remained focused on her young, firm breasts. "You wanna fuck again, baby? I understand Dave's working late, and you and me gotta make up for our long weekend apart."Christy raised her head and stared at the ceiling while he continued sucking on her tits. "Oh, god, no. Don't make me do that with you again, Reggie ? please." "What you crying for, baby? We gonna make lots of love today. Once you get used to my cock again, you'll start liking it."How could he think she ever enjoyed having sex with him? Yes, he had made her orgasm, but she couldn't help it. She hated having sex with him and never would like it, her thoughts a confusing mixture of anger, embarrassment, and guilt.After bringing her left nipple to attention, Reggie soothingly rolled it between his fingers while moving his mouth to Christy's right one and repeating the process. Christy's young, pink nipples soon poked toward Reggie as he twirled his fingers around them and took turns suckling on each as if trying to nurse.Christy knew the more she cooperated with Reggie, the better he would treat her. But she lost enthusiasm playing with his penis, realizing the inevitability of what was to come next.He subtly ushered her toward the bed. Reggie had enough foreplay. It was time to take the grand prize. "No, please," she uttered, aware of where Reggie's guiding efforts were leading. Christy awkwardly moved until she stumbled backward. She lost her footing and with his additional shove, she fell into the mattress.Where beautiful white women rightfully belonged for black men, Reggie grabbed Christy's knees as they hung from the bed and tried separating them, but they remained locked."You resisting again? You best open up for me." "Stop making me do this. I don't want to have sex with you anymore." Forcing a privileged white woman, especially such a gorgeous one like Christy, to reluctantly take him excited Reggie. His fingers went to Christy's nipples, tightened around them and began twisting. "I guess you want it rough again, huh? This be your last chance before I really start pinching.""Ow," she cried, her breasts beginning to ache. Recalling the last time she fought Reggie and the marks he left that she needed to hide from Dave, Christy reconsidered her resistance. "No, please don't hurt me, Reggie. I don't want it rough. I'll do what you want." She inched her legs apart to stop the pain and to avoid additional bruises that would need to be concealed.
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