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TamOur story begins at my workplace just across town. The company is a fairly small factory which manufactures electronics. I was head of a group in assembly out on the production floor. It wasn?t a bad job and I enjoyed it as everyone there was friendly. But lately, I could barely focus on my work. For several months now, I have had an obsession. Tam is a girl in her late twenties with beautifully tanned skin and silky black hair that cascades down over her shoulders. She has a beautiful smile and her laughter brightens my day. Whenever I came to the office to drop off paperwork, she would greet me with her lovely hazel eyes and I would melt. I felt warm all over as we talked and by the time I left, my cock was erect and throbbing in my pants which was difficult to hide. One Friday evening we got together. Several of us had planned a party for a co-worker Tim who had just been divorced. It was fresh in his mind and he was still quite shaken. We all met at a club where the DJ was playing retro music. Tam arrived wearing a lovely blue polka dot dress, her slender tanned legs were bare and she was wearing open toed sandals highlighting her polished dark nails. I could barely keep my eyes off her. When the waitress brought out our drinks, Tam raised her glass to Tim and said ?Here?s to his assholyness!? A name which his ex had used to refer to him in her latest email. The night went on and I had the pleasure of dancing with Tam on more than one occasion. When the party ended, Tam invited us to come to her apartment for a few more drinks. After everyone had left, I stayed to help Tam as there was so much for her to pick up. At one point, I had reached for an empty bottle. Tam was reaching for the same bottle and her hand touched mine. She held it there, squeezed my hand and thanked me. She was leaning in towards a table lamp and I couldn?t help but notice that a wet discharge had come from her left nipple, leaving a dark stain on her dress. She looked down deeply embarrassed. ?Sorry, I?m lactating? Tam said softly. ?No need to be sorry, I replied.? ?Are you pregnant Tam?? ?No, it?s because of the hormone therapy that girls like me need. I am Transgender.? ?Sometimes my nipples get puffy and sore and I leak a little,? she smiled weakly, trying to ease the tension. ?Do you know what transgender is Steve?? she asked. ?Yes, I think so. In fact, do you mind if we talk about it a little? I?m a bit curious.? ?Not at all Steve, come sit with me.? She led me to the couch and we sat sipping a coffee. ?Well I have something to share, quite personal in fact?, I started out. I began to tell her of one of my fetishes, which finally led to my marital separation. "My wife would leave to church on Sundays and would stay there most of the day. When she left, it was my chance to engage in my fetish. I would be very excited with anticipation to try on some of her undergarments and I would put on pantyhose which made me tingle. I felt deliciously wicked and would walk around the house touching myself until I would end up masturbating." I blushed deeply but Tam seemed sympathetic and encouraged me, reaching for my hand as I finished my story. ?One Sunday, I was wearing a lacy black bra, a beaded necklace and pantyhose which I had pulled down. I was teasing and edging myself to orgasm with a pink cock shaped vibrator. Finally, I was squatting on the bed over a pillow, rocking on the vibe which was deep in me. I was rolling my nipples and moaning at that moment when she she burst in. She slapped me hard in the face, screaming ?you filthy faggot!? My cock erupted as I shot my load all over the pillow and bed, my face stinging. Well that was the final straw for her. She had previously seen my computer history, which was nearly all ?shemale? porn. The next week, I had packed my bags and left.??Oh Steven, I?m so sorry!? Tam exclaimed. I finished telling her that engaging in cross-dressing made me feel excited sexually more than any other fetish and I was a bit confused. ?What makes one transgender Tam?? ?Well most of us girls know early on." "We feel that we are girls in our hearts but we are trapped in the wrong bodies,? she replied. "Perhaps it?s just the fetish of cross-dressing for you, but you would have to explore it more to find out.? ?In fact, I have an extensive wardrobe and would love to help you in your exploration.??Come let me show you.? She led me by the hand into her bedroom with a walk -in closet. I was astonished as it was filled wall to wall with silky dresses and lace. They were all neatly organized and in order. Each dress was hung corresponding to the colors of the rainbow. Many heels and shoes were s**ttered across the floor. ?This is my collection,? she smiled. ?You could come over all day on Sunday?s if you like. My schedule is free. Now, I must change as I am uncomfortable and hot.? ?Would you help me with my zipper?? I unzipped her dress standing in back of her. Lifting her dress, I gasped at her beauty. Her soft tanned shoulders and back exposed to the moonlight coming through the window, her silky black hair cascading down. I noticed her puffy nipples right away as she removed her bra. They appeared to be a bit irritated and swollen. She turned to me showing me her perky breasts. ?This is what happens? she said softly. She began to squeeze a boob gently and a drop appeared on her stiff nipple and then ran down. My mouth gaped open and I must have looked stupid as I stood there drooling. ?Its ok if you touch them,? she whispered, guiding my hands to her. My hands trembled as I felt her supple tanned flesh. Her boobs were firm. My thumbs traced the outline of her puffy areolas then grazed her stiff nipples. She began to leak once more. My cock was throbbing in my pants. I couldn?t help but put my lips over her nipple, not wanting to waste a drop of the precious milk. She began to moan softly as I suckled, her hands caressing my head as she held me there. I lingered suckling for some time as she cooed and leaked her delectable milk into my mouth. After a while, I looked up smiling as if awakening from a dream. We kissed and I suckled her sweet mouth, the taste of her milk still on my lips. We stood there a while as I held her close, then she led me to the bed to sit. ?Um so what is it like.... um?? I stammered, seeing a bulge in her panties. ?I have retained my penis,? she whispered. ?As some of us girls choose to do.? She wiggled out of her panties and her stiff tanned cock sprung out. I fell to my knees and kissed the swollen head gently as she twitched on my lips. I continued to kiss the sensitive underside of her shaft and began to lick underneath her balls as she moaned and swelled in my hand. She guided me lovingly as I suckled her angry gurl. She continued to whisper to me how to please her, as I was still inexperienced. Finally she exploded deep in my throat. I started to choke a little and my eyes were tearing up. I struggled to take it all. I could not waste a drop, just as I had done feeding from her precious milk. After I had swallowed her salty seed, I began to lick the remnants leaking from her piss slit, kissing her cock head. She moaned in my arms as I held my dove lovingly all night and we drifted into blissful sleep. Our story is far from over and the dream has just begun?(to be continued)
24 Haziran 2021, at 21:13


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